Agate Slices

These are unical brazilian agate slices, which many colots variaty. Agate is quartz with impurities mostyly translucent. It has a huge stock for wholesale from Brazilian mines. We serve the best! Nativa Gems serves the best price wholesale and retail products.


     SIZES       MEASURES (height x width)   PIECES PER KG  
Size #2  8 to 11cm x 5 to 7cm  Approx. 18 
Size #3   9 to 12cm x 7 to 9cm Approx. 12 
Size #4   11 to 14cm x 8 to 10cm Approx. 9 
Size #5   11 to 14cm x 10 to 13cm Approx. 7 
Size #6   13 to 18cm x 9 to 13cm Approx. 5 
Size #7   16 to 19cm x 12 to 14cm Approx. 3 

SKU Number:
Size #2: NATHD005
Size #3: NATHD006
Size #4: NATHD007
Size #5: NATHD008
Size #6: NATHD009
Size #7: NATHD010 

For Drilling:
For one hole: On top
For two holes: On top and bottom 

*Black, Green and Red colors: limited quantity - confirm availability